3 Years of Experience in Building Creative and Effective Websites

Improves the quality of the site to meet client's specific needs. Designed the actual page interface that users see when they visit a website base on the design. Make sure that the information coming from the back end is displayed properly in the web browser. Troubleshooting and testing is also part of my job, to ensure that the sites are accessible in multiple browsers and to make sure that all web applications are working correctly. Also to maintain the existing website code, and add new interactive features to existing sites and work with layouts. Make sure that the code is SEO friendly and also its responsive view on different media devices.

Who am I

I am sure you just want to check my work out, so I'll be quick. I am not the smartest, but I am smart. Me? I studied Information Technology. After that I started creating stuff for the web. For now, I live in Cebu/Philippines and working for Online Marketing Company. For later, who knows? I'll sure be doing web stuff. Maybe for you.

What I do

I designed and build websites. I get my hands dirty with some frontend (HTML5, CSS3, JQuery). And also I love WordPress. If you want to work with me or just say "hey Edgar, what's up?" for no reason what so ever, send me an email.

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